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Our Story

Our  story began with the onset of Covid-19 and the imposed lockdowns that followed. When most of our country was fighting tooth and nails with life and death, some of us privileged lot back at our hometowns chose to make better use of the time available to us and many started up with terrace gardens, small horticulture setups, growing our own sets of vegetables, fruits and flowers. With a tragedy came a new hope for future. To grow immensely in our own terraces and courtyards and to become self sufficient and self reliant when it came to the food we consume. And so began the journey of our seedbank. Previously we ventured with the name Auto flowers and then evolved into and followed up with our current brand which is the "Jonjo seeds".  Sourcing the best genetics from some of the best seedbanks in  UK, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy, we started our in-house breeding of plant seeds' genetics and after a research period of about two and a half years we came up with our very own genetics as listed in our catalogue.
We pledge to serve you with the same dedication and intensity in the times to follow,  should you stay with us we shall together pass the test of the times and propagate good genetics to the generations that follow. From Earth to Moon to Mars, we shall help you cultivate.

Connecting People to Plants

By connecting people with plants, Jonjo Seeds share the benefits of sustainable gardening with community members across the Indian subcontinent. These benefits include producing fresh fruits and vegetables that encourage healthier eating, improving physical and mental wellbeing, providing habitat for pollinators and wildlife, protecting soil, water, and air quality, and enhancing our homes, workplaces, schools and parks while creating a sense of belonging and connectedness to our environment.

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