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How to germinate seeds 101

Seed Germination is one of the most vital courses of a plant’s life cycle, and Soaking Seeds In Hydrogen Peroxide gives this a head start !

If you are propagating plants from seeds, it is necessary that the seeds must germinate successfully. For improving the chances of germination, soaking seeds in hydrogen peroxide helps a lot. There are many popular ways to do it. Planting them directly into soil, soaking them in water or the paper towel method. All have their own success rate but germinating with Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in water beats all of it.

If you want to germinate the seeds successfully, you must consider several factors other than water and soil. Seeds have nutrients stored in them, and to convert them to energy successfully, they require a significant amount of oxygen. As seeds, when you plant them, absorb oxygen through their outer coating, it becomes essential that they can do it well.

As the seeds mature, their outer shell becomes harder and harder over time, reducing the oxygen level they absorb. To help them in the process, you can use hydrogen peroxide to soften down the outer layer.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide ?

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is quite popular in horticulture. It has an extra oxygen atom than water (H2O). When its molecule breaks down, this extra oxygen separates from the water, acting as a supplement to plants. It also helps in germinating seeds successfully by making them absorb more oxygen.

Directions on how to do it :

Soak your seeds in 3-5% hydrogen peroxide for about 12-36 hours. Rinse the seeds several times with water before planting and plant them as usual. Doing this breaks down the hard outer covering of the seeds and kills any pathogen present on them. This allows the seeds to absorb more oxygen, therefore helping them sprout efficiently. Plant the seeds directly into so

Bury the seed about half a cm to 1cm down into the soil, making a hole with a pen or a toothpick and putting the seed inside with the little root facing downwards. Cover it with a bit of soil without compacting it too much and leave it there until the plant begins to grow above the soil.

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Aomlan Deka

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